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Embedded Board

We respect embedded vendors and we are ready to save their time on developing own software instruments. Add your board to PlatformIO ecosytem and we will bring new customers for your hardware.

Development Platform

PlatformIO helps to forget about the requirements for the specific host OS and software, tangled build logic, specific workflow on your development platform. Be a part of PlatformIO ecosystem!


PlatformIO can be easly integrated to your IDE and provide professional instruments for cross platform development without dependecies to the system software. It will help you to extend your users database significantly and be on IoT trend.


PlatformIO is an ideal candidate for cross platform Cloud Compiling. It has built-in cache system and is ready for advanced tuning. We know which architecture is suitable for your needs.


Commercial Licensing of PlatformIO under a dual license model is designed to meet the development and distribution needs of both commercial distributors and open source projects.


Trademark Licensing allows to use PlatformIO™ brand name and logo in your commerce. These marks are the "green light" for your customers, that indicate the products compatibility with PlatformIO ecosystem.

Our Team

Ivan Kravets

CTO, Founder, Ph.D, Researcher and Software Architect


Valerii Koval

Researcher and Electronics Engineer


Dmytro Kyrychuk

Software Engineer


Our Success Is Your Success!

To help ensure your success, we offer a professional services with integrating your products with PlatformIO ecosystem for IoT development.

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