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PlatformIO Plus is a core sponsor of an awesome and free PlatformIO.Org ecosystem. We love the open source and believe in its power. Our main mission is to reduce input threshold to the Embedded World with creating high-level instruments and services.


We respect companies that work in Embedded Technologies and we are ready to save their time on developing own software instruments. Add your hardware to PlatformIO ecosystem and we will bring new customers for you. In addition, we are ready to provide premium technical support for you and your products.


PlatfromIO Plus proposes professional solutions that can significantly improve project code quality and allow to work remotely with embedded devices from any point of the world. New cloud solutions will save your time and bring new instruments for IoT development.

PIO Remote™. Your devices are always with you!

PIO Remote™ allows you to work remotely with devices from Anywhere In The World. No matter where are you now! Run small and cross-platform PIO Remote™ agent on a host machine and you are able to list active devices (wireless + wired), to upload firmware Over-The-Air (OTA), to process remote unit tests, or to start remote debugging session via OTA Serial Port Monitor.

Using PIO Remote™ you can share your devices with colleagues across your organization. In combination with Cloud IDE, you can create awesome things at any time when inspiration comes to you.


Cloud IDE. Embedded development in a browser!

When we talk about embedded development, we imagine complicated development environment with requirements for specific software and OS. Cloud IDE destroys these requirements and allows you to program more than 300+ embedded boards from your favorite browser.
A pairing programming in the cloud lets you work together on the same project using shareable embedded devices provided by PIO Remote™.

We support integration of PIO Remote™ with the most popular Cloud IDEs: Cloud9, Codeanywhere and Codenvy (Eclipse Che). You have a choice which Cloud IDE to use.

Documentation with demo & examples

Unit Testing. Local and Remote.

Unit Testing allows segregating each part of the firmware/program and test that the individual parts are working correctly. Using PlatformIO Plus Unit Testing Engine you can execute the same tests on the local host machine (native), on the multiple local embedded devices/boards (connected to local host machine), or in both cases. In the last case, PlatformIO Plus builds firmware on the host machine, uploads it to a target device, executes tests on it and gather results. The final information will be shown on the host side with informative output and statistic.

Using PIO Remote™ you can run unit tests on the Remote Device Over-The-Air (OTA) from anywhere in the world or integrate with Continuous Integration systems.

Documentation with demo & examples

Static Project Analysis. Find bugs in your code.

Static Project Analysis lets you find bugs in a project that are not detected by the compiler. A project source code with private libraries will be checked for the various kinds of bugs: uninitialized variables, obsolete or unsafe functions, unused or redundant code, and various suspicious code.

PIO Delivery™. Automatic firmware updates!

Link your device with PIO Delivery™ service and manage firmware updates remotely. There is no difference if a device has hardware Internet capabilities or does not. PIO Remote™ can be used as a tunnel to your low-power device and update it by your command or specific event.
If you connect VCS repository to PIO Delivery™, we will test your project, build it and upload firmware automatically on a release/tag event.
Also, a rich API can be used for advanced firmware managing.

Cloud Builder. Accelerate project deployment!

PlatformIO Cloud Builder provides IoT industry leading solutions to build and deploy your project. A rich API allows specifying project dependencies/libraries, development platform requirements, custom compiler flags, and etc. In addition, you can provide configuration for remote deployment via PIO Remote™.
Generate project dynamically on a front-end/mobile side, push it to PlatformIO Cloud Builder and receive final firmware/program in moments!

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